The War of broadband: MásMóvil shoots up and Movistar resists

The war for fixed broadband resulted in an increase in the market of 570,749 lines in a year, according to the CNMC data referring to the telecommunications market in December 2017. This means that at the end of last year they registered 14.3 million lines, a growth of 4.1% in one year.

By operators, MásMóvil was the one that experienced the highest growth, tripling its 121,000 lines from December 2016 to the current 503,000. On the other hand, Vodafone increased by 6.2% to 3.3 million lines and a gain of 197,000 lines. Despite this, Orange continues to hold second place with 3.9 million lines and a growth of 30,600 in one year. Movistar resists the momentum of its competitors and loses only 23,600 lines to stand at 5.9 million.

2017 was a year of great changes in the competition of the telcos with MásMóvil as a mobile operator and fixed broadband, and in which Orange and Vodafone added Jazztel and Ono to their customer base and products. A context in which Movistar resisted in fixed broadband and grew in fiber, mobile broadband, and mobile lines.

Fiber optic growth

The data from the CNMC show that fiber optic to the home (FTTH) continues to drive broadband with 1.7 million new lines. In contrast, DSL technology lost 1.2 million lines last year. 51.9% of total FTTH lines correspond to Movistar, with a fleet of 3.4 million lines and 400,000 new additions, although its market share in fiber has been reduced by almost 10 points in a year.

In mobile broadband, the market reached 42.1 million lines, a growth of 6.3% and 2.5 million new lines. Of these, Movistar won the most with 12.6 million lines and an improvement of 8.8% and just over one million. Orange reached 11.4 million and a growth of 2.4% in one year, while Vodafone, with 10.7 million, grew a slight 0.43%.

Movistar increases its mobile lines

In the case of mobile telephone lines, the market reached 52 million lines, this a gain of 858,000. By operator, Movistar reached 15.6 million lines, earning 374,000 subscribers and 2.4%,  Orange reached 13.9 million, losing 185,000 lines and Vodafone at 12.9 million, and 152,000 less in a year. MásMóvil won the most with 741,000 new lines up to 4.9 million, a 17.4% improvement.

On the other hand, in December 2017 the total of fixed lines decreased by 10,498. The month closed with a total of 19.2 million lines, which represents a penetration of 41.4 lines per 100 inhabitants. In the month of December 192,718 fixed numbers were carried, with an increase of 23.3% with respect to the same month of the previous year.

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