Do you know these ways to clean fiber cable and fiber accessories?

With the development of scientific and technological technology, “optical fiber into the household”, “smart city” and other projects, optical fiber and fiber optic accessories are more and more widely used. But there are always minor problems in fiber optic accessories, and these little problems don’t seem to matter. But if there is an “in case”, the price to be brought to us will be enormous. Therefore, regardless of the consideration, we need to minimize the risk.

If a friend who has just come into contact with fiber optic products will have questions, fiber optic products already have a dust cover, why do you need to clean them before testing and using them? Here’s a look at it: Fiber optic connectors, jumpers, tail fibers, and adapters all carry dust caps when they are shipped. The effect of the dust cap in addition to ensuring that the connector is clean, the main purpose is to protect the fiber connector end surface, to avoid direct contact with the connector end surface and damage the connector. Dust caps can only be removed if they are installed, tested, and used. Once the dust cap is removed, the fiber optic connector must be coupled with another clean fiber connector.

As a result, it would be wrong to assume that “there is a dust cap protection that does not need to be cleaned before use”. Because it is not possible to determine whether the end surface is clean before the dust cap is covered, the dust cap itself must be clean. Good construction habits require that fiber optic connectors be cleaned even if a dust cap exists. When a fiber link is finished testing, install the dust cap immediately, otherwise, the link must be re-tested before use.

As far as the current situation is concerned, the main way of optical fiber cleaning is the use of alcohol and non-woven cleaning, you can choose ordinary industrial alcohol, with non-fiber sponge paper or non-woven cloth wipe. In addition, you can also choose optical fiber cleaning liquid, professional fiber cleaning liquid with non-toxic, tasteless, flame retardant, insulation, rapid evaporation, and other characteristics, the price is higher than alcohol, suitable for use in the machine room has been put into use, as well as the environment requirements are relatively high occasions.

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