Digi Fibra, how cheap is it expensive?

Digi Fibra, how cheap is it expensive?

Last September the operator specialized in the Romanian collective in Spain gave the starting signal to its fiber offer, 500 megabytes for only 30 euros per month. Thirty days later, the company has a representative number of customers who are starting to give feedback on their feelings after trying the service. Is cheap expensive? Worth? Below we will review the comments that have come to the writing of ADSLZone.

The fixed broadband market has a new partner, its name is Digi and for many months we have been commenting that it is an operator that is gaining weight in the sector thanks to its good performance in the mobile market. In June, for example, the company came to step on the heels of MasMóvil in mobile portability and is a trend that has been repeated throughout the year. Already present in the fixed broadband market, the war to gain a foothold in the sector seems to be much more complicated.

CG NAT, a serious disadvantage

The first important handicap when hiring fiber with Digi is that the operator has decided to use CG-NAT. The vast majority of users do not know what it means or what it implies, so a few days ago we explained the disadvantages that customers who are navigating with this limitation have. The fiber ” low cost ” operator also applies its cost-saving policy when buying IP addresses and this generates problems when playing online (higher latency or ping) or the inability to open ports, something basic if we want to use different applications. To give an example, if you download BitTorrent you will do it much slower than in other operators because the ports will be closed. This is a problem that ADSL routers had in the past when they were configured in multi-project. The good news is that you could always open your configuration modified; in Digi, it is not possible.

Poor customer service

The first “reviews” of customers indicate that the operator has a significant impact on technical service. ” The people who attend do not speak Spanish correctly, sometimes it is even complicated to understand them and the audio quality is also absent in the more than five calls I have made, ” they tell us. “They also do not have any kind of technical knowledge, when they are asked about the CG NAT or the impossibility of opening ports, they do not understand anything .” Problems have also been reported when receiving SIMS cards, and that is that the messaging and logistics system used by the operator is not up to its competitors.

Speed/quality of service

We already explained that Digi uses the Movistar network and for the moment the first reports we are collecting in Testdevelocidad.es indicate that the majority of users navigate at an adequate speed. What we have collected have been complaints from some customers who have reported problems with connection cuts at different times. Something strange if we take into account that fiber optics is a technology that is not like ADSL, sensitive to an infinity of external factors.

Having said that, we have just opened the Digi Forum, dedicated especially to collecting impressions, doubts, problems, and complaints about the new fiber operator. We invite you to come and share your impressions with the community, then we will transfer the feedback to the company so that it can strive to improve its service.

Article source: https://www.adslzone.net

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